Well, hello.

Miss me much? :)

hey just letting you know you're on my follow forever :D

And you will forever be on mine! :D

Hello Booshlrs!

I apologize for not being around much these past few days. Between work and packing for the move, things have been quite hectic and leaving me with little time to come around here. I promise to make it up to you soon, though! I’ll post some things and reply to messages once I get home.

On another note, Matt’s tweet just made my morning. I wish I could cap it and post it, but alas i’m stuck at work and on my phone. He said..

"If you can, stop what you are doing and make love."

So take that advice and let your day be full of love.
I love you all, I appriciate your patience and to all the new followers i’ve attained; Hello, welcome and thank you for following!

Until later, take care and have a lovely morning/day my dears.